Their First Year?

Rudy: make country secure against terrorists, end illegal immigration, reduce size of federal government, tax cuts, move towards energy independence...

Paul: end the war, bring troops home. "Become diplomatically credible."

Tancredo: guess...

Thompson: tell the American people the truth. Establish credibility.

Romney: "I want to do more than talk in my first year." Strategy to end global jihad. End expansion of entitlements. End growth of federal spending. Reduce tax burdens to middle class. Health insurance for everyone in America. (Admits it'll take four years.)

Huckabee: The first priority of the next president is to be a president of all the United States. We are a polarized country which has led to a paralyzed government." We've got to be "the united people of the United States."

McCain: "We must make America safe."

Keyes: "Abolish income tax." "Executive order" ending abortion.