The Woman Thing

Ron Brownstein opens his latest column with what is, I think, a pretty powerful anecdote:

While the small crowd milled and munched, Suzanne Zilber, a local psychologist, spoke with passion about the prospect of electing the first woman president. She recalled that her daughter Charlotte, now 12, had been confused and disappointed when she saw only men as she looked through a sticker book about U.S. presidents a few years ago.

I think most people think it would be too crass to simply put "Hillary Clinton has ovaries" out there as a good reason to vote for her, but it's hard to look at the gender gap in the primaries and not conclude that this consideration is, in practice, driving a lot of votes. What's more, contemplating this anecdote I'd be hard-pressed to deny that it actually sounds like a reasonable good reason. I think the alternative choices are probably better, but this is a reminder that Clinton presidency, too, would be a unique and exciting opportunity in many ways.