The Los Angeles Times: Drilling Down

The most interesting factoids from the new Los Angeles Times / Bloomberg poll of the American electorate:

(1) Proof that positive media can help a candidate: Huckabee doubles his numbers in a month.

(2) Proof that negative press coverage isn't the worst thing in the word: Hillary Clinton has in this poll (and even in the Gallup poll) a double digit national lead over Barack Obama.

(3) 4 in 10 Democrats and 5 in 10 Republicans are undecided.

(4) The Democrats have lost their political advantage on Iraq.

(5) Huckabee's biggest challenge, according to the poll, is illusory: only 6 percent of Republicans think he'll be the nominee. This number will shoot up if he wins or places a strong second in Iowa. Giuliani still holds an edge in this category -- ok, more than a edge, an entire wall -- 38% think he'll be the GOP nominee.

(6) Huckabee has stolen conservatives from Giuliani and Thompson. Thompson is cratering.