The Daily Five: Will Crist Endorse?

1. Hillary Clinton visits New Hampshire, spends a day in Iowa, and one in Washington, D.C...then plans a five-day bus tour in Iowa next week. ...Obama, Edwards continue bus tours.......Giuliani will step up campaign appearences next week, his fundraising schedule mostly finished for the year. He's in Florida this weekend...Huckabee is in New Hampshire.

2. Rumors abound that Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) is going to endorse a presidential candidate next week, but knowledgeable Republicans say he will not.....amendment banning same-sex marriage in Florida qualifies for November 2008 ballot..... As candidate Ron Paul flies two Arkansas legislators to Iowa to make the case against Huckabee, Huckabee marhsals four Arkansas Republicans to respond....AP story bylined Little Rock, AR says Huckabee's "women's rights record is called into question....".....Mitt Romney now calls himself the underdog in Iowa....Giuliani promises to "end illegal immigration" in new NH ad...

3. In an extraordinary display of campaign muscle, the Obama campaign claims to have organized 1,000 precinct parties in Iowa tonight to watch a rebroadcast of the Des Moines Register debate....Markos calls Sen. Barack Obama the true anti-Hillary, and some of his readers aren't happy..,...Obama manager David Plouffe, in an e-mail: "If 5,000 people donate in the next 24 hours, we can show their campaign that we reject this kind of divisive politics. Make your donation of $25 now."

4. A long line of angry journalists waited for an hour in the Iowa cold while U.S. Secret Service and Iowa state police conduct delayed security sweep of the Iowa Public Television complex today. Sweep wasn't finished until a mere one hour, fifteen minutes before the broadcast, and one only dog was used to reece the building. In the middle of the sweep, a a tree branch fell into a power line, which blew out a circuit breaker, shutting power to the complex for twenty minutes until a generator was discovered. For the second time this cycle, members of the Secret Service's Uniform Division operated magnetometers at entrances. Lucky journalists who arrived at the site three hours early were allowed to stay indoors and had early access to a catered lasagna lunch. CNN's Candy Crowley does a live shot from the darkened bat cave of a spin room.

5. "Pro-Life Groups Head To New Hampshire To Oppose Abortion, Rudy Giuliani."

Pro-life advocates are heading to New Hampshire to take a pro-life stand against abortion as voters there prepare to head to the state's presidential primary on January 8. Meanwhile, one pro-life advocate is going to the Granite State to specifically oppose the nomination of pro-abortion Republican Rudy Giuliani. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition tells that pro-life advocates are headed to the second presidential battleground state to work with local pro-life groups. They will hold an event called the New Hampshire Awakening on each of three days prior to the primary