The Daily Five: Romney's Raising For The General

1. Clinton plans "major economic policy address" in NYC tomorrow at NASDAQ marketsite....Obama has campaign events in Iowa; Giuliani raises money in Florida; Edwards in Iowa; Thompson in South Carolina; candidates scrum on Iran in NPR debate; Richardson skips to attend soldiers' funeral.

2. John McCain moves into second place on Real Clear Politics' national average.....Romney campaign plans 1/8 national call day to raise money for general election. Fundraisers received e-mail today alerting them to start raising money in anticipation. Romney plans to write check in excess of $5M for rest of primaries. Candidates Thompson and Giuliani spend much of this week raising money for their primary campaigns.......Romney campaign complains to Iowa Attorney General about "TrustHuckabee" work, contending that it is using unregulated money to intervene in federal elections..........Huckabee endorsed by Georgia Right To Life PAC.....Huckabee endorsed by numerous Iowa pastors.....Republicans (Thompson, Norman Podhoretz" cast doubt on intel cmte's assessment of Iran; Podhoretz suspects a conspiracy.......Monday sees selection of Kansas City grand jury investigating 107 felony counts against Planned Parenthood; pro-life forces trying to bring the issue to the attention of presidential candidates.

3. Contained within the items seized by federal prosecutors from Norman Hsu: a saxophone autographed by Bill Clinton.......Iowa state sen. Joe Bolkcom endorses Barack Obama.....Obama to give "major speech" on national service in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.....Bill Clinton, per the AP: "''One percent of the press coverage was devoted to their record in public life. No wonder people think experience is irrelevant. A lot of the people covering the race think it is (irrelevant)"....Biden becomes fifth candidate to be eligible for federal matching funds.

4. Rumors swirl about an Obama visit to Las Vegas scheduled for Monday. Will he recieve the endorsement of the powerful Culinary Workers' local 226? Not likely -- sources say the group is still deliberating. And Nevada journalist Jon Ralston's sources confer.

5. South Carolina Republican Party charters plane to ferry journalists from Manchester, NH to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the day before debate. Plan would shave hours, hassles, off journalists' trips.