The Daily Five: Pick The Real Tour Name

1. Giuliani's first event since he got the vapors? He's raising money in Rochester, New York tonight..... Rush Limbaugh is apparently in reruns until the caucuses, per NRO...former NH Sen. Bob Smith endorses Duncan Hunter...

2. Good for her: an Iowan actually has the temerity to question ethanol subsidies......The nation's leading gay newspaper, the Washington Blade, endorses Hillary Clinton.....Chelsea and Dorothy Rodham join

3. Five of the following campaign tour names are entirely made up. The rest, unfortunately, are real.

(a) The Big Challenges, Real Solutions Tour
(b) America Rising
(c) Fighting for America's Voice Tour
(d) Working for Change, Finding Common Ground Tour
(e) The Ignore What Bill Says Now But Remember How Great A President He Was Tour
(f) Every County Counts Tour
(g) Every Kum - n Go Counts Tour
(h) Stand For Change Tour
(i) Lean For Change Tour
(j) The "Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down!" Tour
(k) The Happy Fun Lucky Candidate's Tour
(l) The Optimistic Words That Everyone Can Agree With Tour

4. A correspondent objects to a comment that repeats the libel about Obama and the Muslim religion. As much as I despise the sentiment the writer expresses, I really don't have the time or inclination to delete comments that, however dimly, have bearing on the subject at hand, although I do reserve the right to delete comments at will and with no prior or subsequent explanation.

People's reactions are their reactions, and some of them may be odious, like this one. Comments represent the views of those who write them; I will not excuse the writer's ignorance by giving the writer the satisfaction of seeing his (or her) assertion declared out of bounds.

In general, comments by you folks do not represent the views or opinions of The Atlantic (apparently, no longer the Atlantic Monthly), the Atlantic Media Group, its editors, executives, authors, financiers, fans or IT technicians.

(5) The final installment of this edition of The Table. Again, I'm not much to look at, but this isn't about me, is it?