The Daily Five: How Do You Figuratively March?

1. Rudy Giuliani cancels his New Hampshire schedule for Friday, keeps schedule for Saturday and Sunday. .... Clinton has events in New Hampshire; same with Obama. Edwards announces eight-day bus tour to the caucus; Mitt Romney cancels Friday event in New Hampshire; Huckabee and Thompson continue in Iowa;

2. Obama draws 900 to Portsmouth....bad weather grounds Clinton chopper in Iowa....

3. Boston Herald endorses McCain....Romney holds event at Orange, City Iowa company that makes high-tech products for the military; CBS's Scott Conroy writes that an Australian reporter was barred entry under international arms control guidelines....Romney says Huckabee would make a great VP....Peta to Romney: " The Best Way to Fight Global Warming and Rising Health-Care Costs Is to Tax Meat."

4. The Democratic Party makes fun of Mitt Romney thusly:


5. Huckabee ally Blue State Republican makes this point: "
"... quess what? Even if he doesn't win this time around, he has ALREADY become THE most powerful social conservative in America. The old guard of so-called "Christian leaders" are gone."