The Daily Five: Check Out What Fred's SC Co-Chair Says About Mormonism

1. Clinton in NH for "organizing for change" rally tomorrow; has fundraiser with John Grisham tomorrow night in DC; Edwards goes home to Seneca, NC and visits Charleston, SC; Giuliani campaigns in and raises money in Florida; Romney is in College Station, Texas for his speech on "Faith In America.";

Politico's Smith obtains anti-Obama e-mail sent by Clinton volunteer; Clinton staffer Ryan Callahan was cc'ed on the original e-mail. Some Nevada supporters of HRC have been similarly off-message; HRC endorsed by newspaper in Vinson; Obama recieves endorsement of Iowa State Daily; In speech at NASDAQ market site, Clinton urges Wall Street to "do its part" in solving the foreclosure crisis;

3. Huckabee campaign angry that ABC did not contact them to provide an "opposing perspective" on the Wayne DuMond case...According to the AP, Huckabee's name ID has risen from 31% in August to nearly 50% today...Fred Thompson's S.C. co-chair predicts that Romney's Mormon speech will hurt him; calls doctrines of Mormon church "vastly different" from Catholic, Protestant and Jewish doctrines...Thompson gets Nat'l Right To Life Endorsement...

4. Saturday's Obama-Oprah venues in Iowa still not sold out; New Hampshire event is at capacity, and campaign moves South Carolina event to accommodate demand....Federal judge in Florida.upholds right of DNC to enforce its primary rules, turning away a challenge from Florida Democrats.

5. WV Gov. Joe Manchin named chair of the Democratic Governors Association; vice-chair will be MT's Schweitzer. DGA hopes to fund $18M+ political program for '08.