Sacrifices... "Most importantly, the federal government has to restrain its spending..."...."major reductions in civilian spending..." RWG wants 10% spending cuts.. What about folks who rely on this 10%? "That would require they're trying to figure out other ways to do it...:" Basically: throw them to the wind. .... Paul: "I think it's absolutely unnecessary to sacrifice.. give people more of their own money."...... Huckabee: "Sometimes, it's not so much doing things so that people sacrifice, it's doing something...differently." Calls for a prevention-based health care system. Wants to "kill the snake," rather than to kill a "snake bite..." Romney: would he be willing to run a pay for certain crucial programs? "We can eliminate the things that aren't critical."...proposes to cut down to "one or two" the governments' programs to combat teen pregnancy....Thompson: "Yes." Military, security of our people, infrastructure, research ... a different answer than the rest...and the only one to prioritize infrastructure. Thompson ends by an "honest" assessment of the entitlement problem.

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