Planned Parenthood

Optic wise, it sucks, yes.

But Is there anything new to be said about Gov. Mitt Romney and abortion? Horrors. Not only did his wife contribute to Planned Parenthood. In 1994. But -- the contribution was drawn from the couple's joint account. And -- Romney attended the fundraiser. In the midst of a busy campaign, Where he attended dozens and dozens of fundraisers.


Mitt Romney has admitted changing his mind on abortion. He's never denied the fact of his pro-choice inclinations. And can he be possibly expected to remember from precisely which bank account -- remember, he's a rich guy, and he has a lot of them -- he wrote a check from?

There's no real story here -- nothing telling about Romney today and his fitness to be president. Only that a rival campaign, desperate to discredit Romney, is piggybacking on an old story to twist the knife in his back. And it may work.