30 seconds answers....Is the debt a threat to our national security? "I wouldn't call it a threat to our national security..." Giuliani talks specifics...numbers and facts...seems well-prepared for this question..... Hunter says "yes," and brings up $800 trade deficit...Paul: "Yes." -- "We can't support the foreign policy that we needed."....Tancredo says yes...Thompson gives some talking points...."it affects our national security for one reason: it's squeezing military spending." Thompson wants more guns, less butter (and by butter he means creamy Social Security..." Romney: "This is indeed a time of extraordinary challenges in Washington...but this is not a time for us to wring our hands and think that the future is bleak, when, in fact, the future is bright...".... Romney the cockeyed optimist....Huckabee: "Yes" Who feeds us, who fuels us, who helps us to fight...of course our national security is at risk." McCain: "Yes," and talks about oil and energy independence."

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