Obama/Clinton Bracket War

A bracketing war of sorts erupted today between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Maybe the war was a little one sided -- the Obama campaign refused to bite.

The scene was set by Obama's big endorsee: Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, a hero of liberal New Hampshire Democrats. His campaign scheduled a conference call for 2:00 pm ET.

About 1:30 pm ET, the Clinton campaign announced a conference call of its own, featuring Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and (theoretically) Sen. Evan Bayh. The topic was the new CBS/New York Times poll, which showed that Democrats believe that Sen. Clinton is by far the more electable of the two candidates. Jackson Lee called Obama "inconsistent." The attorney general of Arkansas said that no Democrat had won the presidency in modern years without winning Arkansas.

The campaign also pointed to a story in the Politico, which obtained a 1996 questionnaire under Obama's name wherein he supported a single payer health insurance system, supports hand gun registration, and otherwise liberals it up. The Obama campaign had no comment, aside from saying that the questionnaire was filled out by someone who worked for Obama at the time and not Obama itself.