Not 1. (But 12)

A defensive-sounding Gov. Mike Huckabee on Today this morning:

VIERA: so the people understand what you're talking about, he says you granted over 1,000 pardons and clemencies while you were governor.

HUCKABEE: not one was walking out of prison who had been a murderer. he brags that he denied them all. one of them was a young kid who at age 13 shot a bb at another kid, department break the skin, hit him in the arm. later that kid worked his way through college, enrolled in the national guard of massachusetts and went to the iraqi war and became a decorated soldier, came home and wanted to be a police officer but needed a pardon to do it. mitt romney refused. i would say that the fact that i gave a kid who was 25 years old the opportunity to go to culinary school because when he was 19 he took a joyride as a passenger in a car, that pardon enabled him to go to culinary school. otherwise, he couldn't have. you let the people of america decide which person you'd rather have president, one who looked at his own political fortunes or one who actually tried to do the job and make decisions that were responsible for the people you're supposed to serve.

But the records show that Huckabee commuted the sentences of 12 convicted murderers.