New Year's Resolution

1. Clinton: Personal sides to it. Spending time to family. Do the very best job I can in this campaign. To Rebuild the optimism of the American people. To run a campaign that Democrats can be proud of, and that independents and Republicans can support."

2. Edwards; "Somewhere in America tonight,a child will go to bed hungry..."

3. Dodd: a lot of things. That Iowans caucus. And caucus correctly.

4. Richardson: "to lose weight.: And I'm going to do it again." "I wish that the Congress and the president end their dysfunctional relationship."

5. Biden "Try to remember what it was like when things were really bad..."

6. Obama: "I want to be a better father, and a better husband, and I want to remind myself constantly that it is not about me...enormous strain on family..." tells story of spending time with his family yesterday.