More "Values Voters" Help For Huckabee In Iowa

A values voter barnstorm is coming to Iowa. And chances are, one candidate -- Mike Huckabee -- will benefit.

The Iowa Family Policy Center, whose founder, Chuck Hurley, endorsed Huckabee last week, kicks off a seven day bus tour through Iowa today. The barnstormers will stop in three cities per day, and will, according to an e-mail sent to participants, encourage

"Iowans of faith to register and vote their values. We also have a great lineup of speakers to encourage you to use your influence with friends, to make our voices heard at the caucuses, and to elect candidates who will help restore America to her historical Judeo-Christian heritage. The effort will be completely non-partisan and values driven."

The tour starts in Davenport this morning, stops in Dubuque and noon and ends the day in Cedar Rapids. Tomorrow, there are stop sin Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Waverly and Independence.

A separate group, Hear the Cry, is organizing pro-lifer voters as part of the mobilization.

The Values Voter barnstorm will be led by Pastor Rick Scarborough, an early Huckabee endorser. Participants include R. Randolph "Randy" Brinson, an iconoclastic social conservative doctor from Alabama who possesses a huge list of Iowa pastors and Christian conservatives. He's also the head of ReedemTheVote, which was active in 2004 and 2006 as a voter registration vehicle for young evangelicals.

The Barnstormers don't have to reveal their funding sources provided they don't directly provide aid to a candidate. But it's hard to see how any candidate but Mike Huckabee will find comfort from this tour.