Mitt's Little Lies

Michael Luo runs them down with admirable thoroughness for The New York Times. Obviously, this accumulation of fibs isn't the biggest deal in the world. One suspects, however, that one reason the pile grows so large is that Mitt Romney's fundamental approach to political self-presentation is so deeply dishonest -- it's in part a "what a tangled web we weave" phenomenon.

It's also a bit sad that while George Romney didn't march with MLK, he really was a pillar of moderate Republicanism and a staunch civil rights man. Romney, for a while, seemed like he was very much his father's son. And one could imagine an alternate reality in which he took a tough stand and tried to use his influence to return the GOP to something more like George Romney's political party. Instead, though, he decided to sell it all out and sign up for the party of gay-bashing and immigrant-hating and "no atheists allowed" and dim-witted idol worship like the Reagan zone of economic freedom.