Medicare, and A Whoopsie from Edwards

Clinton: ticks off how to reform it...reign in HMOs, allow govt to negotiate lower drug prices, bring costs down.... repeats Social Security commission idea...Republicans and Democrats are going to have to agree that the changes are necessary.

Obama: emphasizes how important prevention and cost-savings can be...has a Huckabee-esque line about obesity...Obama turns to message: "We're not going to make some of these changes if we change the way politics works.."

Richardson: HuckabeeHuckabeeHuckabee-sounding lines about health

OPENING Statements

Obama: "fierce urgency of now..." .. "confident that we can meet these challenges...."

Edwards: "What makes at risk...because of corporate power and corporate greed...can't make a deal with them... I want every caucus goer to know that I've been fighting these people and winning my entire lift..."...says we'll make American "better than we left it."