McCain Changes Mind; Will Continue To Tweak Romney In Ads

What John McCain said yesterday about moving on from Mitt Romney -- check that.

The campaign will continue to use the medium of television advertising to push the notion that Romney is deliberately misleading New Hampshire Republicans and independents about McCain's record.

"You know, I find it ironic that Mitt Romney would attack me on the issue of immigration. This is the same Mitt Romney who called my plan "reasonable." Before I can win your vote, I know I have to win your respect. And to do that, you know I'll always be straight with you. And on this issue, I've learned that we've got to restore trust in government and secure our borders."

The ad was previewed on ABC's "This Week" this morning, but it was unclear, initially, whether the ad would be sent to stations for broadcast.

"We're getting such a great response from the ad citing NH newspaper's assessments of Romney that we're re-evaluating whether we want to switch gears," a McCain aide said of the decision.