I've heard some complaints about it, but I actually think The New York Times's coverage of The New York Times's crazy decision to add Bill Kristol to their stable of op-ed columnists is pretty good:

Mr. Kristol, 55, has been a fierce critic of The Times. In 2006, he said that the government should consider prosecuting The Times for disclosing a secret government program to track international banking transactions.

In a 2003 column on the turmoil within The Times that led to the downfall of the top two editors, he wrote that it was not “a first-rate newspaper of record,” adding, “The Times is irredeemable.”

I wonder what I need to say in order to get a column: Maybe the Times's editors should be detained without trial in Gitmo and tortured until they confess to deliberately running a second-rate newspaper in order to undermine American resolve. Does that work?