Huckabee's "Army" Plans A Major Fundraiser

Online supporters of Mike Huckabee have pegged Dec. 27 as the day of their major grassroots fundraiser, trying to replicate the astounding success of another prarie fire candidate, Ron Paul, who raised more than $6.6M in a day.

Can Huckabee turn his turn at the wheel into a movement?

Dear Huck's Army Members, is a test of whether what we've created is truly strong. This
is an effort started by and endorsed by the official
campaign. If this can't work, nothing will.

The good news is that it is already working. In just our first day we
received pledges from nearly 200 supporters for a total of almost $40,000.
Our last fundraising effort took two weeks to reach the same levels.

Here's what you can do to continue the momentum:

The amount you pledge is not as important as that you participate. Even "A
Buck For Huck" helps. Unless you have already maxed out your contribution
limit, there is no reason not to participate.

Again, this is the one grassroots effort that everyone can get behind. The
campaign has expressed the excitement and approval. This will be big if we
all push together!


As we've already said: EVERYONE NEEDS TO PARTICIPATE. Even if you only
pledge $5 we need you to stand behind Governor Huckabee. We can't let him
down now.

This is our time.

Let's Roll,

Alex and Brett Harris