Frum as Concern Troll

A couple of people have sent me this David Frum article in The National Interest, presumably because it mentions me. I'm sort of disinclined to even bother linking to it, because it seems like something they ran specifically in order to piss liberal bloggers off, thus generating "buzz" and traffic for their website. But this description of the piece from one correspondent was worth sharing, "David Frum is very concerned about the implications of people like you for the Democratic Party, an institution about which he is known to care dearly."

Right, exactly. Meanwhile, I have a hard time seeing past the part of the piece that's about me. Frum characterizes something I said as "personal" and "rude" but I really think it was neither. There seems to be something about attacking "bloggers" that makes it okay to just avoid the merits of whatever point has been made and instead complain about bad matters, whether or not bad manners were really exhibited.