For the Defense?

Nick Beaudrot writes in:

I'm inclined to believe Bob Kerrey was just freelancing, rather than trying to twist the knife, when he went off message yesterday. He used nearly identical language in an interview with the Economist on October 30th, a good six weeks before he endorsed Clinton. Occam's razor suggests that this is an honest "mistake" and not a semi-subtle dog-whistle attack on Obama. In the same way that people need to stop thinking that everything Karl Rove does is part of some triple indirection Jedi-mind trick, it's possible that even the hyper-disciplined Clinton campaign can make mistakes.

Of course they can make mistakes. Mistakes like . . . courting the support of Bob Kerrey! I'm not sure what the fact that he's repeating already-used language proves except that Bob Kerrey is kind of an ass. But we knew that already.