For Obama Campaign, a Hobson's Choice

Democratic presidential candidates go out of their way to avoid offending organized labor. All campaign materials are printed under union aegis. They endeavor to stay in unionized hotels whenever possible. And they never, ever cross a picket line.

Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign finds itself in a Democratic dilly of a pickle. Overwhelming demand by Democrats wanting to see Oprah Winfrey campaign for Obama on Sunday convinced them to seek a larger venue in Manchester. The Verizon Arena on Elm Street was available. 1,000 can fit in the floor alone. Unfortunately, the arena is in the middle of a labor dispute with the nation stagehands' union, IATSE.

The state Democratic Party recently decided not to host its 100 Club dinner there in 2008 in part because of the labor troubles.

IATSE won't be picketing Sunday, but you can be sure that rivals of Obama will claim he crossed a virtual picket line of sorts.