Eve Fairbanks Does Not Heart Huckabee

She observes that he has some character issues:

The stories that have come out about Huckabee paint a portrait of him not just as somebody not ready for prime-time--a fault he can overcome with his I-never-said-I-was-perfect bit on the stump--but as a real narcissist. The idea that one's past policies (the AIDS position) or actions (the R.J. Reynolds deal) could turn out to have been bad ideas, and require apologies or explanations, doesn't appear to touch him. And the idea that gathering more information on issues (like the NIE, criminals' records, immigration details, or tax policy) could improve his leadership doesn't seem to register, either. The Huckabee credo appears to be this: Feeling moved, Huckabee creates, and God sees that it is good.

Well said.