Education Standards?

McCain: gives standard Republican answer. (school choice, reward good teachers, charter schools, etc.)....ribs Giuliani by noting that one of his successor's school chancellors is doing well in reforming NYC schools...

Giuliani: standard Republican answer.

Hunter: "Jaime Escalante."

Role of federal government?

Romney: "Education is an important topic, and the president was right to fight for No Child Left Behind. " Same effort in Massachusetts. Gives detailed answer. Federal standards, he supports.

Huckabee: "The whole role of education is a state issue. The worst thing we can do is to shift more ... authority to the federal government, when it needs to go to the states." Calls for more arts funding.

Keyes: "We allowed the judges to drive judges to drive God out of our schools."

Thompson: "The NEA." (Huckabee just accepted their endorsement, but Thompson didn't point that out..."