So-called "honor killings" are, let's agree, an outrageous practice. Emily Yoffe is, therefore, rightly disturbed by western feminists ignoring the issue:

I went to the National Organization for Women Web site, and I would be thrilled if someone could find the place in it in which NOW denounces forced covering and "honor" killing.When the Washington Post's fashion writer wrote about Hillary Clinton's cleavage, NOW was outraged. Their section on violence against women seems to cover every possible permutation except that of Islamic extremism.

Except Sam Boyd finds it here, under the Violence Against Women category which, given the intrinsically violent nature of killing, would seem to be where it belongs. Remember when there was legislation in congress to denounce honor killings? Well, to be honest, I don't, but the NOW website does: "NOW Supports Legislation that Denounces 'Honor' Killings and Violence Against Women".

Sam also notes that one can use Google to find NOW's various mentions of this practice and see descriptions of their work to bring it to an end.