I got an email from the Obama campaign noting that "This race took a sharply negative turn yesterday" and trying to do a little jujitsu with some of the attacks from the Clinton campaign. It's still the case, though, that if you want to see a real sharp negative turn, you need to look to Republicans. Check this out:

Utterly devastating. And best of all nobody really knows what HuckabeeFacts.com is or who's behind it.

UPDATE: Okay, via Jason Zengerle, the Arkansas Times says the video is by Keith Emis, 29, who "grew up in Fayetteville and works in his family's Data Forms business in Greenland. He said he incurred no expenses, save gas and video tapes, and used friends as volunteer help, including one with video production experience." I'd put the odds of that not being the whole story as pretty darn high.