Department of Pointless Playlist

Screwing around with my iTunes looking to call up some Stars songs, I noticed that an awful lot of songs have the word "stars" in the title. To wit:

  1. "Stars," Hum.
  2. "Stars," The Cranberries
  3. "Stars," The Dandy Warhols
  4. "Stars," Hum
  5. "The Stars," Better Than Ezra
  6. "The Stars of Track and Field," Belle & Sebastian
  7. "The Stars are Projectors," Modest Mouse
  8. "7 Stars," Apples in Stereo
  9. "Stars and Sons," Broken Social Scene
  10. "Stars and Stripes," Anti-Flag
  11. "Stars and Stripes of Corruption," Dead Kennedys

It seems to me that Anti-Flag got the better of the Dead Kennedys here in pure titling terms. As usual, the DKs let their heavy-handed didacticism get in the way. I'm not really sure how I feel about the songs as such. Hum's "Stars" is an unfairly neglected nineties alt-rock masterpiece.

UPDATE: Yes, some of these songs are very bad. Disk space, however, is cheap so I don't erase something just because it sucks.