Dangerous Times

This email from Joe Lieberman found itself in my inbox:

I know that it is unusual for someone who is not a Republican to endorse a Republican candidate for President. And if this were an ordinary time and an ordinary election, I probably would not have done so. But this is no ordinary time -- and this is no ordinary election -- and John McCain is no ordinary candidate.

In this critical election, no one should let party lines be a barrier to choosing the person we believe is best qualified to lead our nation forward. The problems that confront us are too great, the threats we face too real, and the opportunities we have too exciting for us to play partisan politics with the Presidency.

Of course, left unmentioned here is that a huge proportion of the great "problems that confront us" are the direct results of the Bush/McCain/Lieberman effort to replace traditional internationalism with the daft "rogue state rollback" that McCain campaign on during the 2000 primary. There was at least a point in time when George W. Bush seemed to recognize the folly of this, but it's always been McCain's passion.