Clinton's "Values"

In a spate of new advertising, Sen. Hillary Clinton abandons the voice of God approach and offers real people saying real things about the candidate.

Radio ads airing in Iowa feature families touting the virtue of Clinton's "universal" health care plan.

And for the first time, Hillary's mommy, Dorothy, vouches for her daughter's core values in a television ad. A matte in the ad helpfully informs the viewer that Dorothy now lives with her daughter.

DOROTHY RODHAM: What I would like people to know about Hillary is what a good person she is.
She never was envious of anybody—she was helpful. And she’s continued that with her adult life with helping other women.

She has empathy for other people’s unfortunate circumstances. I’ve always admired that because it isn’t always true of people.

I think she ought to be elected even if she weren’t my daughter

HILLARY CLINTON: I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.