Breaking: Obama's a Liberal

I guess Politico was looking for a way to endear Barack Obama to Democratic primary voters by revealing that he has liberal views on some issues. Or, as they put it, "Liberal Views Could Haunt Obama." This answer on health care seems, for example, totally sensible:

Will you support a single-payer health plan for Illinois? How would Medicaid be incorporated into the program you support?

Yes in principle, although such a program will probably have to be instituted at the federal level; the long-term objective would be a universal care system that does not differentiate between the unemployed, the disabled, and so on. The state can move more aggressively to expand coverage to the currently uninsured, perhaps through a managed care system with a sliding scale of premiums and copayments.

Shudder! Longtime readers will know that I'm not a proponent of gun control. Obama, like essentially all politicians from big cities, was a proponent of very strict gun control and, again like all politicians who move to start representing broader constituencies, has now softened his view (see, e.g., Rudy Giuliani's similar evolutioN).