GRINNELL -- The first caucus ward here in Poweshiek County is the most potent political precinct in the state. About one fifth of one percent of the statewide delegates are allocated in the ward, which is a lot, considering that there are about 1,800 precincts. John Edwards has appeared at Grinnell, drawing 1,500. When Barack Obama spoke, a fire marshal shut the doors before all those who wanted in, got in.

Hillary Clinton hasn't been to Grinnell; it's not her crowd. Last night, Bill Clinton showed up, a mite too late for the tastes of some Clinton supporters. The audience was of a respectful size -- about 1,100 - and they were clearly eager to see him. Him. A very few audience members waved Clinton signs, despite the dozens that were passed out by campaign volunteers.

For the first fifteen minutes, Mr. Clinton lectured:

For the second fifteen, he wrapped a sustained argument for his wife's nomination in a passel of
stories that usually ended with Hillary changing policy for the better.

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