Are the Redskins Mediocre?

Jim Henley fesses up: "I’m officially wrong about the 2007 Redskins as of last night. I predicted 4-12; they’ve got a good chance of doubling that. They are not an awful team. Rather, they have earned a descriptor too easily bestowed in today’s NFL: mediocre." He worries, however, that recent successes "will tempt the staff . . . to take it for validation of their overall approach."

Well, just to further enhance Jim's worries about complacency, it seems to me that one might look at an 8-8 season (assuming, of course, the Skins can achieve that lofty feat of mediocrity) that featured a young quarterback, tons of offensive line injuries, and the murder of a key defensive player points to good things for the future. Of course, Zombie Sean Taylor's not going to be suiting up to shore up the secondary, but it would seem perfectly reasonable to hope for modest improvements in Jason Campbell's game plus fewer injuries to produce a better result next season.