An Non-Endorsement Endorsement From Grover Norquist?

In a letter to Rudy Giuliani's campaign, the maestro of tax cutting says that Giuliani's record as a tax cutter "clearly stands out" among the other Republicans.

He wrote:

You cut the income tax, business taxes, sales taxes, property-related taxes, and nuisance taxes. You are the most successful tax cutter in modern New York history and, on balance, the most successful tax cutter in the Republican field today. If you are elected president, I will look forward to working with you to reduce and reform taxes, restore fiscal discipline, increase government transparency, and pursue pro-growth policies that will improve America's competitiveness in the global economy.”

I asked Norquist whether his praise constituted an endorsement.

Here's his response:

I was very pleased that the Mayor stated that he will not raise taxes both in his recent public statements and his letter to me. His willingness to put this public commitment to the American people in writing is very good news for all taxpayers. His record of fighting for pro-growth tax cuts is very strong. It is praiseworthy. I have not endorsed a candidate for the nomination.

That's as close an endorsement as you'll get from Mr. Norquist.