Against McCain, Romney Takes The Plunge

The risks of running a contrast ad against John McCain are large. This cycle, everyone seems to like McCain in New Hampshire -- 20 editorial boards, even the Union Leader -- and the local press seems to be in an aidin' and abetin' mode.

Several Romney aides said that the script for the advertisement had been approved yesterday after an internal debate.

The benefit in running the ad, according to these aides, is that it will remind core Republican voters -- Romney's New Hampshire base -- about the differences between the two men. The ad doesn't necessarily intend to dissuade Republicans from voting for McCain as much as it intends to persuade Republicans intending to vote for Romney that they've made the right choice.

Early reaction to the ad is muted. The New York Times's Santora calls it misleading in several respects.

BTW: Here's McCain's new ad, "Endorsed."