A Riehl View Of The Anti-Huck Conservative..

Dan Riehl responds to my post:

Mier's identity may have been grounded in being born again as far as Bush was concerned, I have no idea. In fact, while I opposed her, this is the first I learned anything about her religion. She was opposed because she was mostly a cipher when it came to the Law and no one was comfortable in the belief that she would somehow represent a conservative ideology on the Supreme Court. That was it, pure and simple. There's no there, there as regards Marc's assertion as regards her religion and all that sort of sentiment does is create a divide on the Right which doesn't actually exist. I read legal blogs and listened to Mark Levin in formulating my opposition to Miers, neither of those sources ever mentioned her religion, so far as I recall. It is irrelevant. But this below by Marc is the most troubling of all:

So far, these bad feelings haven't filtered down the chain of tissue to Iowa Republicans, but is there a cause, in recent memory, that the conservative echosphere hasn't influenced?

"Echosphere"? "Influenced"? "Filtered down"? If Marc thinks that Allah at Hot Air or Ace influence my opinions, or I theirs - or Rush any of ours - he's just plain wrong. I suspect we all agree on much, but far from all. Read around. And that concept holds true for talk radio and its larger number of conservative listeners, as well. People read right-side media and listen to talk radio because they mostly agree with it going in, it isn't a top down affair.

It's insulting to suggest it, though I imagine that wasn't Marc's intent. But he doesn't understand what is happening as regards Huckabee, who is already flattening in the polls, by the way. I predicted it a week ago and it didn't require Rush Limbaugh or blogs to make it happen, though they certainly facilitate his fall by introducing him to people more quickly than would happen were it only being done by opposing campaigns.

Huckabee could have the same background, religion and the same career and were he a solid conservative with the record to support the claim, ... add in his charisma, Damn! I'd almost kill to have him carry the Republican nomination in the Fall. On that score, it's perhaps only a few of his more extreme past statements, on gays, for example, that give me any pause. He seems a bit intolerant, frankly. But I doubt very much all Evangelicals are.