Alien Versus Predator: Requiem is by no means a good movie. But if Juno left an unduly upbeat & happy taste in your mouth, the old-fashioned bloodiness of this romp does help cleanse the palate. What's more, unlike the catastrophic Alien Versus Predator, the sequel really does deliver on the basic promise of lots and lots of fighting and killing. Exposition is kept to a bare minimum -- you're supposed to just know all the backstory, sit back, and watch a whole bunch of acid blood fly around while tons of people are killed.

On the flipside, it's hardly worth pointing out the many, many, many levels on which this movie didn't really make sense. I will note, however, that it's a bit unfortunate to see them appear to screw around with the alien life cycle such that the time elapsed from when a facehugger grabs you to when a new alien pops out of your head appears to be greatly compressed. In a larger sense, it's really too bad that all these silly sequels now can't help but detract from the fact that Alien and Aliens are both legitimate good movies that don't really deserve to have been conscripted into this low-grade franchise.