Worst Post Ever

Kevin Drum has the nominations up for the all-time wingnuttiest blog post competition. In my view, Lee Siegel's "Origins of Blogofascism" is probably the worst work up there in large part because it doesn't even reflect any discernable point of view beyond Siegel's egomania and self-regard. It's not, however, the wingnuttiest post by any means. For wingnuttery, I think it's simply not possible to surpass Steven Den Beste, an internet figure people who've taken up blog reading just in the past two or three years may not be familiar with.

Kevin's chosen example of Den Bestism is "It's the Waiting that Wears" but I actually think Den Best outdid himself with "Suppose There Was Treachery" in which he contemplates the possibility of the United States going to war with France and Germany over the Iraq crisis: "It's evident that no matter how it developed it would be really, really bad. Even the best plausible case outcome would be a catastrophe." And, indeed, it would!