Dana Goldstein thinks this new Republican Majority for Choice ad airing in New Hampshire and Iowa and presumably aimed at boosting Rudy Giuliani's fortunes is "backfiring and mostly benefiting" Mike Huckabee:

Huckabee quite possibly will benefit from the ad, but the underlying dynamic is that Huckabee is in many ways Rudy Giuliani's best friend in this race. As Ramesh Ponnuru says:

I have always thought that Giuliani could not win a two-man primary. I no longer believe that. He could beat Huckabee even in a two-man race. He can root for Huckabee to take out all his stronger competitors.

Right. Obviously, best-case for Giuliani would be to win Iowa. But that hasn't looked realistic for a long time. A Huckabee win is probably his next best option.