Where We Are

The political world seems to be traveling on three tracks, a metaphor that probably occurred to me because I was carried home by the Acela last night Immigration, Giuliani's ethics and Mike Huckabee's fabulousness. All three stories are losing their freshness.

All are, yes, about Republicans and Republican-things.

The Democrats, for once, have had a fairly quiet week, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton clashed mainly over the substance of their health care proposals. This weekend, with two Democratic debates, including Saturday night's first ever forum broadcast in high def, perhaps the attention will shift.

Can the press cover two campaigns at once? That is -- can it give due weight and attention to two campaigns at once? For most of the summer and fall, whenever both Democrats and Republicans had weeks, the Democratic contest always seemed to get higher billing on the network news rundowns.

This was really the first week in memory where Republicans won the battle for attention spans.