Where In The World Is....Roy Spence?

Roy Spence, a wizard in advertising circles, an adviser to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, a best friend of the Clinton family, a Hillraiser, is in a bit of a pickle.

His firm, GSD&M, laid off 200 people. It is hemorrhaging clients.

And Spence has decided to walk it off.

He strolls 20 miles a day... part of his plan, he says, to reconnect with the earthy soul of the country. To "reach out and celebrate the goodness of America." And he's blogging about it.

(Hat tip: Ad Age)

Here's his latest post:

Well team, it’s Day 23. It’s Monday, it’s raining and it’s before dawn and I’m driving to work. Yes, you heard it, alert, I’m driving in my new BMW 5 Series – awesome Jack and Patrick. I think it’s a loaner – but I’ll take it. I knew how to start the engine, it was good. You push the button and then the BMW basically does all the rest because it’s a great performance from a company of great ideas. Well, you know the deal. Can’t believe I’m actually driving to work, I’m covering more in this two to three minutes getting to work than I did sometimes in the first morning of my walk. Anyway, I’m home. It’s great to be home. Courtney was there, Shay, Mary, Ellie, Sammie, our friend Cissy, whose helping with the haunted house which is going to be unbelievable. So, I’m on the way to work.

It’s a little before 6am and it’s great to be home. Really is awesome to be home. I had a great journey, I learned a lot, I lived a lot, I walked a lot and I met a lot and I thought a lot. Most of all, I enjoyed the goodness that was everywhere that I went. Amazing people, amazing country, amazing land, amazing ideals and treasures and blessings in this great country. I found out a bunch of things, nothing really that would rock your world except maybe one. I’m going to be writing about that in the next couple of weeks. It all is centered around the idea that we all have two roads we can follow in life. There’s a lot of other choices we can have on what we buy, what we do and our jobs we have but really I think in life there are only two roads you can take. And you become the road that you take. And I do too.