What Happens in Neshoba...


Emory historian Joseph Crespino argues fairly persuasively that David Brooks has it wrong about Reagan and the Neshoba County Fair.

Meanwhile, it was while Googling around to find an image to use for this post that I learned that the state flag of Mississippi is the emblem of treason and white supremacy you'll find above, making it the only state that continues to use the Confederate Battle Flag as part of its state flag. Not only is Mississippi unique in this regard, but the voters of the state reaffirmed their commitment to white supremacists imagery in a 2001 referendum, in which the flag secured the support of 65 percent of Mississippi voters, which is approximately the size of the state's white electorate. Under the circumstances, and given the state's consistent support for white supremacist candidates in the 1948, 1960, and 1968 elections it's hardly a stretch to imagine that white supremacist sentiments played a role in its political fate in 1980.