The Rest Of The Stories, 11/2

** Welcome back to the trail, Elisabeth Bumiller!

** Obama, in a major civil rights speech today, per Lynn Sweet: "He's billed himself as the candidate of the Joshua generation. Now Friday in South Carolina, White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) calls for a revitalized civil rights movement--and more personal responsibility"

And, per his campaign:"Nearly a year before the 2008 presidential election, U.S. Senator Barack Obama will deliver a speech in Spartanburg, SC outlining how as President he would unite the country behind a sense of common purpose and turn the page on the divisive politics and broken promises that have dominated Washington in recent years."

** For Hillary Clinton, a positive editorial from the Des Moines Register:

Clinton ... is right about the big picture. Congress should have passed immigration reform last summer. It was gutless to duck this national crisis because it's so emotionally charged.

Yet emotions tend to get the better of people when the topic is immigration. Clinton's response simply acknowledged this issue has many facets.

** Hillary Clinton scores the endorsement of State Sen. Lou D'Allesandro

** Fred Thompson will be in New Hampshire on Monday and in South Carolina on Tuesday.

** Mitt Romney "pops" HRC in a new ad.