The Press Versus HRC

Readers are probably aware that I'm not exactly heartbroken over the apparent tightening of the Democratic primary race in the polls, but I agree with Chris Bowers that the main causal mechanism here appears to be a fundamentally unfair media narrative. I watched an extended discussion on MSNBC yesterday of a host and two guests (all women) berating Clinton for "playing the gender card," lambasting it as both a substantive outrage and a tactical blunder that called into question her ability to combat terrorism effectively. The closest thing to a defense of Clinton's unforgivable conduct we got was the notion that maybe her staff had played this card without her permission, but that also cast her leadership abilities into doubt. Strangest of all, throughout the segment viewers were never told what Clinton had actually done so there was no opportunity for anyone to make up their own mind as to whether the MSM-lambasting was justified.

As Chris says, even if you like the result here (and I do) it still reflects a kind of sickness in our political culture that hasn't served the country well in the recent past and seems unlikely to do so in the future.