The Last Romney Fundraiser in DC -- November 12?

According to an invitation obtained by this column, ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney will hold his final Washington, D.C. fundraiser on November 12. Now -- why is that possibly news? Even for a blog as obsessed with internal minutia as this one...

Well, here's the thing. If Romney is doing no more fundraisers in DC, it means that he is probably ramping down his fundraisers everywhere to devote more time to the campaign trail.

That's also a normal thing to do.

But November 12 is a little bit early to hold a "final" DC fundraiser.

So maybe -- just maybe -- the earlyness of this late fundraiser is an indication that Romney would be willing to write himself another multi-million dollar check -- or maybe THE ultimate $20M check that Rudy Giuliani's finance team always frets about.

Here's an e-mail Romney fundraiser/DC lawyer Charlie Spies sent to some friends:

This coming Monday (Nov. 12th) there will be a reception with Gov. Romney in DC (Bob Pence's house in Georgetown Harbor) that is a great opportunity to personally meet and support Mitt at a reception.

With a little over 50 days until the Iowa Caucuses I hope you will consider attending this event. Mitt has momentum and is now in a strong position in all the early states, including even South Carolina! Our strategy is working - in the states where people are focusing on the election it is clear that Gov. Romney's experience, vision and values are winning over voters and will carry him to victory. PLEASE consider attending this event and/or making a final contribution!

Thank you for your friendship and support and I look forward to working with you over the next eight weeks. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for the campaign.