The Golden Wingnut


Kevin Drum announces the winners of the "Golden Wingut Award" and I was sad to see that Steven Den Beste didn't make the final cut. Kevin observed, however, that "a blogger who retired three years ago probably never had a serious chance of cracking the top five" and so decided to present him with an honorary lifetime achievement award.

Meanwhile, I've been amused to spend some time over the past couple of days scrolling back through the annals of Den Beste-ism and hopefully familiarizing new people with the work of one of the foundational figures of right-wing blogging. A friend reminded me, for example, of den Beste's classic post explaining that "Anglo Women are an Endangered Species". The argument begins with the observation that "Some strange disease has converted nearly all [women] into female persons" and " a male person is not allowed to notice that there is any difference between a female person and a male person" because "in a working situation, committing such crimes as complimenting her on her looks, or even worse, asking her out on a date, can get him fired for sexual harassment."

At any rate, as ever with den Beste you really need to read the post yourself (the link will work) to get a sense of the sheer scale, but after lamenting the global dominance of castrating bitches female persons, he discovers that there's one place a man can still find a real woman in this day and age: the strip club. Specifically, lap dances. By the end, though, it also turns out that Latinas have this same stripperly/womanly characteristics that Den Beste prizes. And then he laments his inability to score: "In six years since I broke up with my last girlfriend, I haven't been on a single date. Not one. I've tried a few times to ask women out, but somehow I sent the wrong signals or I'm ugly or something; I got refused each time." Not that he's bitter, though. It's just that "I want to be a man, relating to women, not a male person relating to female persons. I'm tired of being castrated."

Indeed. We've looked briefly at the connection between these themes and warmongering in the past.