The Giuliani Campaign In Iowa: In The Mail

Rudy Giuliani's plan to perform respectably in the Iowa caucuses has three main parts. His radio ads are ubiquitous. He visits Iowa occasionally (but calls Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson almost weekly). Least visibly, he bombards Iowa Republicans with reams of targeted mail.

There are at least eleven pieces of mail circulating, and the latest two are typical.

"Rudy Giuliani. Strong Leadership. Proven Results," says one.

A second focuses on his "12 Committments."

Both are heavy on braggadocio and on resume points.

Rudy's resume is at the core of his campaign.

Supportive quotes in the mail pieces range from the elitist of the elite media -- the New York Times and Time -- to the hippest of the new media -- NRO's The Corner.

The pieces I've seen are not targeted to Iowans as Iowans; they're targeted to Iowans as Americans, as taxpayers, as conservatives.

Here are some screen grabs of the latest two: