The Diversity Of An Edwards Ad

I hate to side with campaigns and against my fellow reporters, especially against two I consider personal friends and professional heroes, but I kind of have to agree with Eric Schultz and the Edwards campaign about the racial diversity ratio of their new Iowa ad.

Imagine the contrary scenario: what would happen if the Edwards campaign videographers and advertising teammates deliberately misrepresented the number of persons of color who attend Edwards events in Iowa.

If the Edwards campaign were broadcasting the ad in, say, Iowa, or Florida (whoops, not Florida, that would be illegal) or California, his crowds would be more diverse and the stock shots used to portray the crowds would be more diverse, right?

Of course, Iowa's lack of racial diversity is one of the reasons why the DNC decided to award an early primary slot to South Carolina and Nevada, and one of the reasons why many Democrats are so intent on shaking up the system entirely.