The Daily Five: Peter Flaherty's Brother

1. Tomorrow: HRC's in Nevada and LA; Edwards is in NH; Dodd's in IA; McCain's in NH; Obama's raising money in TX; Ron Paul is in IA, as is Mitt Romney. On Sunday, George S. goes on the trail with Fred Thompson, Face has Edwards, FNS has Hukcbaee, and Tim has N/A. Joe Biden will spend the next 11 days in Iowa.

2. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis on strategy: "Everyone's caught up in this macro-strategy s---'s a big waste of time."..... McCain calls for NH AG investigation into anti-Romney push poll calls... Romney's team makes similar request to NH AG through Sen. Judd Gregg...Thompson's comm. dir Todd Harris calls the push polls "robo-dial bigotry"....culprits still unknown...campaigns seek to track down and analyze audio....McCain's NH schedule hampered by snowstorm....Francis "Chip" Flaherty is one of the most influential social conservatives you've never heard of. He's also the brother of Mitt Romney's deputy campaign managers, Peter Flaherty......Dd you know that Ron Paul favors decriminalizing prostitution?

3. An Obama adviser on the storyline out of the debate: "It's back to where it was before Philadelphia." .... Obama and Clinton debate what it means to be middle class..."Obama Would Make Comcast's Interference with BitTorrent Illegal, Aide Says"....Dodd, Richardson, Edwards raise money off their debate performances. And Clive Crook has a blog.

4. Posted on Craigslist:

Director Media and Communications for GOP Presidential Campaign Based in DC Metro Area. Must have significant media and communications experience. Send resume to

5. CW says that immigration will be a wedge issue for Republicans in '08? Or will it? Won't the records of Rudy Giuliani (sanctuary city!) and Mitt Romney (last minute deputizing) defuse the issue and make it harder for Republicans to draw a clear line between them and Democrats?