The Daily Five: Low Caucus Turnout?

1. Hillary Clinton plans to make news in Spartanburg, SC tomorrow; Bill Clinton is in Eastern Iowa...Barack Obama is in NH courting independents on foreign policy...Dodd and Biden are always there. John McCain spends the day in Anderson and Seneca, SC. Mitt Romney flies to Florida. John Edwards will rally in New York City with striking labor leaders and then fly to NH, and Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani have no public events. For the latest on Trent Lott's retirement, click here:

2. Republicans predict low Iowa caucus turnout despite large field; estimates range from 75,000 to 95,000 -- at least 30,000 lower than estimated turnout for Democrats, who have a much more complex caucus procedure..... Romney unveils new immigration ad in New Hampshire called "Take Charge"...Giuliani's team believes NH trip was a message success and threw rival Romney off-balance....Huckabee raises money off rivals' "negative attacks..."

3. Focus on the Family's Tom Minnery says it's "doubtful" that James Dobson would personally endorse Mitt Romney because of "the tremendous difference in theological views."

4. On day that Clinton campaign attacks Obama for alleged improprieties involving his leadership PAC, a wag notes that both Tom Harkin (whose wife Ruth has endorsed Clinton) and John Lynch (whose wife, Dr. Susan Lynch, endorsed Clinton today) both recieved money from sketchy fundraiser Norman Hsu. An Obama aide calls the Washington Post's story about the Hopefund PAC "silly." Aides say that the PAC had a balance after it shuttered operations and doled out contributions to candidates, legally. "This does not keep me up at night," an Obama legal adviser says.

5. Club for Growth website holds contest featuring the "slurs" against it by pro-Huckabee forces. My favorite: Schmub for Schmowth, by the blogforlife. An adviser to Fred Thompson pulls back candidate's criticism of Fox News that its "constant mantra" is that his campaign is in trouble; the adviser said that Thompson's criticism applied more generally to the media but that Fox News came to mind because he was appearing on a Fox News television program. "He is not against Fox News," the adviser says.